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I just had the weirdest experience ever about a week ago. If that wasn’t enough, I had a weirder one just a few days ago.

Event #1

I was sleeping like a log as always when I suddenly woke up at around 2 AM for some unknown reason. Well, I think I was dreaming but I don’t really remember what it was. I’m not really sure. But anyhow, I woke up and found out that for some odd reason, I was holding my file case. You know those little briefcase-like things where you put your papers so they don’t get crumpled? I was holding that and I have no idea as to why and how it managed to make its way to me. Imagine that: I was lying on my bed, face up, holding my file case under my right arm. By that time, I was already wide awake and confused as hell on how that happened. All my school things are at the foot of my bed so…would this mean that I actually got up asleep just to get my file case? At one moment I was confused and then the next, I was already chuckling to myself as I tossed my file case back to where it belonged and went back to dreamland.

Event #2

My roommate and I were sleeping ourselves off (how come all my weird events happen when we’re both asleep) when, uhm, I don’t know, I woke up somehow. It was around 4 AM. I heard my amp’s feedback, I think, so I opened my eyes. I saw my roommate fiddling with it to make it shut up. She managed to do so though she didn’t turn it off – she merely turned the volume knob to zero. After that, we slept.

The next morning, I asked her if she got up at around four and she said she did. I initially thought she sleepwalked (seriously) and was going to tease her about it but since she was fully awake, it only served to creep her out. I have no idea how my amp would work on its own. See, the overdrive produces this feedback-like sound when I turn it on (the wire that connects the amp to the guitar was in the jack but the other end was free so, yeah). Common sense, it won’t work unless someone plugs it in a socket. But we were both asleep. And Roommate claims to have been woken up by that sound. But I was real asleep so I couldn’t be the one who plugged it in.

We spent the next two hours creeping ourselves out.


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