tantei opera milky holmes (sorry, can’t think of a better title)

I’m not really good with these kinds of shows but my sister kept on blabbering about it before – mainly about the ending – that I asked her to put that friggin’ DVD into the player so I’ll get to know what the hell she was talking about. And, well, lo and behold, I went on blabbering about the ending after watching the show as well.

On a side note, I have no idea why I bought this DVD in the first place. As I said, I’m not too good with these shows so, why? In the end, it was one of those shows that I bought but never really got around to watch until my sister (who benefits a hell lot more from these things I buy) reminded me about it, mainly, through the events stated above.

Well, anyhow, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is about four girls who go to a detective school to become the best detectives in the world. Woot! Well, yeah. Considering how Sherlock is, good luck to that. It’s set in a world where special people possess abilities which are called, uhm, ‘Toys’. Well, it’s basically about that. A previous assignment led to the girls losing their Toys which sent them plummeting from their lofty seats of privilege at school to the lowest possible rank – meaning, two beds for four people, creaky floorboards, no food, no money, they-live-in-the-attic, Princess Sarah kind of low. The girls manage somehow but until they get their Toys back, they’d have to stay in that petty excuse for a dorm room plus face the threat of being expelled altogether.

Milky Holmes was…cute. It’s nice, clean fun, I’d say and their abilities are real something when they finally got them back with thrice the power. But the ending’s just, ugh – the most whatever ending ever. They could’ve done something better but, yeah. Poor Henriette, she’ll have to do everything all over again.


Henriette Mystere. She’s the character I enjoyed the most in the show. Apart from being the student council president in Sherlock and Co.’s school, she also lives a double-life as Arsene, a distinguished thief and, therefore, Milky Holmes’ sort of ‘archnemesis’. This should make her the villain, right? WRONG! Henriette’s actually a really kind person. You’ll get what I mean when you try – emphasis on try – to watch the show. She’s probably the only ‘villainous’ character that you’ll never hate.


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