no, i’m not a zombie

First review out of my long hiatus and the other long hiatus after that – okay, I’m really sorry people for not writing for so long. Real life’s gotten kind of crazy with something we’re all probably too familiar with: school. Yep, that horrendous entity is finally catching up on me. Again, I apologize. Anyways, here’s my first offering of the day: Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka.

Tired of shows whose protagonists are your normal everyday humans? Well then, enter Aikawa Ayumu, a normal high school student who – well, he used to be normal until he gets killed and is turned into a zombie by a powerful necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe (god, I just love her name!). With his second take at life, he yearns to find his killer and have his revenge. Sound serious? Ha. Fooled you, then.

Despite Ayumu’s seemingly grim motive, the show is nothing but absolute fun. Apart from being a zombie, Ayumu also becomes a masou shoujo after – oops, no spoilers. There. He becomes a masou shoujo so watch out for his epic transformation. During the course of the show, he also takes in a lot of other quirky characters into his home which adds more fun to everything. (Yes, he’s like Morisato Keichii who adopts not-so-normal beings into his abode. ) However, the show also offers a fair share of action, drama and romance to its viewers, especially when it comes to Eucliwood. As Ayumu had said, everything revolves around Yuu (that’s Eucliwood’s nick). She is the center of everything.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka’s 12-episode run proved to be quite a nice experience for me. The show was nice, clean fun with some heart-warming events sporadically and strategically spread throughout the show. Well, I finished the whole show with my sister in one sitting, so that should be proof enough for you.

P.S. Watch out for the extra episode! It’s the customary pool episode! And Eucliwood gets to sing. D’aaw.


Eucliwood Hellscythe

Eucliwood, or Yuu as Ayumu calls her, is powerful necromancer straight from the Underworld. It wasn’t really stated why she was on the surface in the first place but, yeah, she was the one who turned Ayumu into a zombie when he was murdered. Yuu wears gauntlets and armor which not only acts as her primary field of defense, but also suppresses her powers. She explains later on in the show that her powers have their own will. They will continue to exist even if she dies. She also does not speak because her words contain the power to become reality.

Yuu, I think, would be the most complex character in the series considering her predicament. She’s sort of like Nagato in the sense that she is not allowed to express her emotions since any instability in her emotions causes her control over her powers to loosen. However, as the show progresses, we can see how Yuu develops a close bond between Ayumu and the others, which resulted to her being afraid of causing them harm because of her strong abilities. Through Ayumu and the others, Eucliwood discovers and experiences friendship, love, care and being a part of a family.


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