doodles and notes

Found myself doodling in my MBB class last Friday and…here’s what came out.


First doodle at the corner of my paper. LOL. (Can you guess who this guy is?)
Thought she started to look like Robin as I drew her so I made her Robin. Haha.

Well, there you are. That’s what happens when you’re bored. Ha.


I was reviewing for my English 101 exam and laughed out loud at my notes. They felt so…Yuki Nagato-ish. An entry’s written like this:

GUTENBERG’S 42-LINE BIBLE: first book Gutenberg printed. looks like a manuscript. 1,286 pages by 200 books. vellum and paper. 48 survivng, 21 complete.

LOL. I feel like I was giving coordinates or something. All my notes are written in the exact same manner. Printed, no capitalizations, and in short bursts of sentences. I don’t even know if you can call them sentences. Ha. It’s just so funny ‘cause they look like directives.


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