the adventures of fanciful masou shoujo-chan

As per request from a certain magical Index…oops, kidding. As per request from a certain naughty, whimsical, over-the-top hyper stick drawing of a girl who is celebrating her special day today.

Once, there was a masou shoujo-in-training who was sent undercover to a local high school as part of her preparation to become a full-fledged Meruru-like masou shoujo (read: she was, majority of the time, an airhead so she had to be…’under observation’). Little did she know that a yuki-onna who aims to conquer the world (well, not really. She just wants peace and quiet) goes in that same high school.

The days proceeded without incident. Without any incident, in fact, that our masou shoujo forgot about her undercover training and simply enjoyed her days at school. A year passed and the paths of our two protagonists crossed — they became classmates. ‘I never went near you or talked to you before because you were so white! It’s scary!’, exclaimed our masou shoujo while little miss yuki-onna simply stared at her in utter amazement and bewilderment at this girl’s hyper-ness.

Eventually, time saw the two become friends. It also saw how our masou shoujo came back to her senses and remembered her real objective: to train and become the greatest masou shoujo there is and not just have fun solving math equations or eating out at McDonald’s. How did this happen, you ask? Well, one fateful afternoon, our masou shoujo witnessed how our yuki-onna froze a classmate who was making such a ruckus (I told you she only wanted peace and quiet). This gave her a big slap on the face which pretty much awakened her. And so, she started thinking of a plan to stop yuki-onna from further terrorizing their high school. But she had to eat a serving of hot fudge sundae first.

Of course, our little masou shoujo’s plan did not succeed. It wasn’t even executed to begin with because even before she managed to bring her plan into action, our mischievous yuki-onna introduced her to Usui Takumi. In short, our air-headed masou shoujo found another distraction.

And thus began her tutelage, under yuki-onna, of course, on the ways of the anime. Up to this day, masou shoujo-chan coops herself up in her room while yuki-onna-chan continues freezing noisy people to their demise. I wonder if masou shoujo-chan’s training will ever come to an end.


Three cheers to you, Masou Shoujo-chan. May you continue spreading misfortu — ah, no, I mean magic amongst your peers. Thank you for not getting blown away by strong winds or drowning in a throng of people. In other words, thank you for having survived (and not turning strangers to frogs and other creepy-crawlies) up to this day. Rest assured, Yuki-onna-chan will freeze anyone who tries to disturb Masou Shoujo-chan while she is still undergoing her anime-training. Anyways, banzai to Masou Shoujo-chan. Remember not to lose sight of your goals and take care of yourself. You wouldn’t want your silky, straight, shiny, insert-other-s-adjectives-here hair to get ruffled under your kawaii costume, would you?


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

5 thoughts on “the adventures of fanciful masou shoujo-chan”

  1. i can’t remember a single good adjective that you’ve mentioned about me. haha. nonetheless, thank you ia-chan for this birthday present. πŸ™‚

    1. Whut? I said your hair’s shiny and silky and all that jazz. πŸ˜€
      Aaw, ya know I’m just messin’ with you. I love you like that. LOL.
      Yer absolutely welcome. Belated happy birthday, Masou Shoujo-chan. πŸ™‚

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