death the second time around

Apprently, that dang book sale we saw yesterday’s gonna be up for just two days, which means that today was the last day we were ever gonna see their ultra-cheap books. The moment they transfer into the Faculty Center (which is this real dark, badass-in-a-frightening-way labyrinth…er, building in the Uni which houses the…well, the faculty) the books’ prices are going to sky-rocket back to their original prices. Presented with such a situation, you can probably guess what Lightning and I did.

Yeah, we bought some. Presenting my new books…

My new buys! ^_^

These are OhMyGosh! The Incredible Lightness of Being Burgis! by April Yap and Sexy, Sassy, Singularly Happy by Marivi Blanco. Honestly, I have no idea what they’re about. This is what happens when you’re this book-starved person who sees a bargain — like, a REAL bargain. You buy things just because they’re cheap.

It's the Incredible Lightness of Being Burgis by April Yap. Note the Kundera reference.



This baby here’s April Yap’s The Incredible Lightness of Being Burgis!. I bought this one ’cause of the Kundera reference and I just love Milan Kundera. Aaand, because of the word ‘burgis’ in the title. I’ve always thought of burgis as a funny word. Burgis, by the way, is the Filipino slang for bourgeois.


This 'un is Sexy, Sassy, Singularly Happy by Marivi Blanco.

This one’s a book by Marivi Blanco called Sexy, Sassy, Singularly Happy. No idea on what the book’s about but I guess it’s quite obvious that it’s about the single woman. Like a self-help guide on how to make the most out of your single-hood (read: on how not to be bitter about being single). Disclaimer: I did not buy this because I am single. Although, that is true (that I am single). However, I am not bitter. A friend of mine is, so maybe I’ll lend this to her someday.


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