books ain’t dead.

As Lightning had said, books will be the death of me. I (as well as Lightning and Rune and many other friends I have) am one of those people who cannot resist books. Bookstores are our first stops when we’re in the mall. We lurk around in book sales and bargains are our paradise. So, when we saw one outside our college building, picture us (that would be Lightning and I) running to it like little children chasing an ice cream truck.

I really wasn’t planning on buying since these things are usually quite costly and I didn’t have that much money with me but Lightning did and she told me that they were just — hold on to your seats — 25 to 40 pesos each. Of course, my reaction was just…’Holy crap! Come with me later! Imma buy some!’ And she goes, ‘But they’re closing by four.’ Our class ends at four. With that, I was but a blur. I ran at lightspeed downstairs and got them books I fancied. And my newest acquisitions:

New acquisitions
The babies of spur-of-the-moment buying. Yey!

Pahminta X by Louie Cano and Very Short Stories for Harried Readers edited by Vicente Groyon. They’re short story collections, I think. The latter we’ve used in a class so I have an idea on how it goes and I’d say it’s real good. As for the former, I only heard an ad for it on the radio so I can’t really say. Bought it out of curiosity. Teehee~

Hopefully, I’d get to read them soon. Oh yeah, and I’m still eyeing out one more book which I’ll come back for tomorrow. *evil laugh*

This baby here's Pamhinta X. Pamhinta's actually a colloquial term for men who are actually closet gays, or something like that. Thus, 'pa-men'.
Very Short Stories for Harried Readers. This one contains a vast selection of flash fiction. 'Flash' because they're real, real short.

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