i want more holo!

Finishing two season of Spice and Wolf over the weekend gives you 1.) free economics lessons, 2.) large, dark circles under your eyes and 3.) Holo-Lawrence withdrawal sickness after watching the series. Okay, for me, it’s just Holo withdrawal. I’m fine with not seeing Lawrence. This cannot end like this! I demand another season!

Me wants more Holo! +_+

I’ve already given a synopsis of the series in my previous post so I’m gonna go straight into the dirt! Spice and Wolf is too good to end! This series should go on forever! Yes, I’m fan girl-ing so bear with it for a while. Let me calm myself first. *inhale, exhale*

Okay, so. First, I think the series is too short. Sure, it has two seasons but both of ’em are half-season — just 12 episodes each. Although, it is also true that it’s fine as it is given the fact that the only major problems that they encounter would be Lawrence getting into trouble for selling off Holo and the plan completely failing. On the other hand, if they added more episodes, they can squeeze in some more interesting conflicts like Holo’s inability to admit her feelings blatantly and her — as well as Lawrence’s — constant fear of losing each other.

Plus, they haven’t even kissed! Okay, maybe in season two’s last episode but it didn’t look like one. I know it’s not really required but when a show has this cute, naughty girl and a stiff, kind guy for protagonists and you know something’s going on, you just have to see them kiss! This was probably the sweetest scene they had.

Lawrence: Like this?


Holo: Your spell was too strong.

This pictures don’t really show it much but it’s better if you watch it. Season 2, Episode 7. Yes, I remember. That’s how much of an obsessed fan I am.

Then there’s the plot focusing too much on Lawrence being a merchant — everything just had to go through and be solved through negotiations. However, he is a traveling merchant after all, so I can’t really complain about that. Plus, every time he battles out with another merchant, it gets exciting. It’s like watching chess, only with more action. I guess Fukuyuma Jun-san has a knack for voicing strategists. Seriously, even if some of the economics explanations he does simply go over my head, I can’t help myself from being on the edge of my seat every single time.

All in all, it was a great watch. So great I want more seasons! (+_+ I’m lookin’ at you, producers.) The relationship between Holo and Lawrence is both awkward and sweet at the same time. But the fact that Lawrences opening up — and, in some way, deviating from his usual stiff, calculative manners — is being recognized by Holo is what makes their relationship strong. They both know that they do not want to lose each other and they do something about that, even if it means making sacrifices. If only Holo would admit her feelings.


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