you know you’re in the philippines when…

You know you’re in the Philippines when…

  1. You see people point with their lips.
  2. People dare you to eat balut, which is basically boiled n-day old duck egg (where n is a value I cannot remember).
  3. You hear po and opo from select children who managed to retain their manners.
  4. You see buses being able to squeeze through spaces mere centimeters from their own width.
  5. You see people eat with a foot on the chair, arm on knee and no utensils — just hands.
  6. You see jeepneys and tricycles. Jeepneys crammed to bursting and tricycles with eight passengers.
  7. The streets are deserted if you happen to come when Manny Pacquiao has a fight.
  8. Televisions have nothing but teleseryes, gag shows, teleseryes, game shows, teleseryes and variety shows. Oh, did I mention teleseryes?
  9. There’s an SM mall or two in every province you visit.
  10. The English they speak is better than yours.

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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

6 thoughts on “you know you’re in the philippines when…”

    1. Er, no. Just seeing the duck chick all curled up inside the egg drains all my appetite away. Hehe. But my father eats those. He’s the only one who eats balut in the family.

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