relativity lesson #7 and #8

Since the next points were relatively short, I decided to put them together in a single post so as to save time and space. Nyarhar. And this is supposed to be a quick one since I still have a paper to write. Teehee~ So, let’s get on with it.

Point #6: Matter bends space. In relation to this point, you might want to remember our past…er, lesson on moving things shrinking in the Special Theory of Relativity. With this in mind, take for example a spinning wheel. If the wheel is moving, that means it should shrink, right? Then what about the spokes? How come we don’t see them pierce through the tire? Albert’s answer to this would be our point, matter bending space. How does this happen? Simple: matter causes gravity —> gravity curves space, therefore, matter bends space. Or, in other words, they bend space-time.

With this being the case, a light ray trapped in a cluttered room cannot travel in a straight line anymore — it has to follow the curves of space-time. Very much like how you yourself would have to go around all the junk inside the same cluttered room. And so, Albert uncovered another secret of the universe: light and matter follow shape of space-time.


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