bring out chapter 60!

I’ve finally reached the end of the Kuroshitsuji train and…where’s the next chapter, dammit! *ahem* That was so unlady-like. Excuse me for losing my cool. Not that I’m that much of a lady. Which, I am absolutely not.

Yeah, it’s not really the end since it’s still ongoing but at the rate that these guys are updating the manga…come on, people! Move, move, move! Seriously, you should be more considerate to the fans. We’re dying of anticipation here.

Imma hand down my verdict now while it’s all bright and early in my head: the manga is indeed waaay better than the anime. Lots more fun, lots more action. It had the heart-pounding elements that I though were missing in the show. Now, for a short ending chapters rundown. WARNING: will contain hints of spoilers here and there.

Chapter 55: That Butler, In Vain.

I am absolutely loving this ship arc. Although, sure it has quite the reverberant Titanic echoes (come on, big luxury ship? Iceberg? Grell and Knox’s scene?) , there is their unique take on the zombie-apocalypse genre to make up for it. I mean, zombies in the Victorian era? And even the shinigamis are baffled as to how soul-less bodies can move. Oh yeah, all this ‘The Phoenix!’ business never fails to crack me up. For instance:

ROFL. Aaaw, god. Hilarious. And Snake! I just love him. *sigh* Plus, our beloved Sebby-stalker Grell Sutcliffe makes a comeback from his suspension in all his glorious red coat-where’s my chainsaw and make-up glory.

Chapter 57: That Butler, Struggle.

What makes this chapter the bomb: 1.) the usual Grell-Sebastian showdown, 2.) the badass Midford family — I especially like the mother, she kicks undead-butt, and 3.) the unveiling of Elizabeth Midford, daughter of the leader of the British Knights. Almost like in the same fashion as Bard, Meirin and Finny, another side of Lizzy was revealed.

I do not think of you as a brat anymore swordsmanship-genius Elizabeth Midford. I bow and cower before your greatness. Read it, it’s too good to miss.

Chapter 59: That Butler, Compromise.

The last chapter so far doesn’t make it look like this arc will be ending soon but…I don’t care! Brilliant! Amazing! Release the next freakin’ chapter! By this time, Snake and Lizzy are now being ferried off the ship with the evac being led by the Midford family.

Everyone’s favorite perverted doctor Viscount Druitt makes another appearance as the thief of that bull crap device that was supposed to immobilize the undead. But as I said, it was bull crap, so it didn’t work. So, everybody decides to kill him. At which point we get…some Undertaker action! Finally!

Well, we already know that Undertaker’s a shinigami. We’d have to thank the anime for that, too. But that aside, it’s about time that we finally get to see him in action! Booyeah!

Plus, we get to see something that the show gave Grell Sutcliffe the sole privilege:

Undertaker’s face. Awesomesauce. And for one more ‘The Phoenix!’ mayhem that absolutely made me laugh.


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4 thoughts on “bring out chapter 60!”

    1. OH. MY. GOD. Read the manga! Readitreaditreadit! I swear you won’t regret! O_O

      Loved the anime, though. Haven’t watched the second season but baka~ says it’s no good so maybe I won’t. Haha. But I found it funny how the butler in the second season looked like a mix of Sebastian and William Spears. Haha. 😀

      1. I’ll try but there’s just so many things to read and watch these days. >.<

        The moment I saw Sebastian and Ciel are not in second season, I totally lost interest. Haha.

  1. Haha. I know. And my school stuffs’re getting in the way. >.< But if you have the time, read it. Chapter 60's out and…BOOYEAH! Now I have to experience the agony of having to wait for a month for the next chapter. OTL

    Yah, I know. Haha. But I heard they appear in an episode or so. Like a cameo. XD

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