sudoku? no, thanks.

I apologize for not being able to post yesterday since I had to review for an exam. Well, I have been reading the slides since last weekend but yeah, I had to read them one last time without any distractions. Or at least with minor distractions. And I did, so I couldn’t go online.

It was an MBB exam so — oops, MBB is the name of the subject. It’s mostly about biotechnology and its applications to daily life — like forensics, stem cell therapy, gene therapy and all that whatnot. It sounds interesting at first but by the time you get to the nth lesson, you’d get sick of hearing the words ‘DNA’ and ‘gene construct’ over and over again. But it’s not that bad…with some effort. Anyways, yeah, it was an MBB exam so it was information-heavy. We had to study four lessons, 25 slides average.

The exam was…doable, I think. I believe I had enough wits with me not to fail. There were a gazillion questions but the main problem I had was with the bonus question. Not because the question itself was difficult but because of what we had to do with the answer. Lo and behold! We were presented with a Sudoku puzzle; a Sudoku puzzle for five freakin’ points.

It went like this. There was one bonus question which you have to answer. It was quite easy since the puzzle already had the letters so you can just do Text Twist in your head and you’re all done. Oh yeah, it was a Sudoku for letters. You have to put the word ’embryonic’ (that was the answer) into the puzzle.

If you have to add one more activity to the long list of things that I can’t do, that would be answering Sudoku puzzles. Even during the Sudoku craze, I’ve never dared, even once, to touch a puzzle. So when I saw that the bonus question had a Sudoku puzzle, I felt like the entire cosmos conspired against me. Of all the things, a Sudoku puzzle. I filled out the spaces that I could and, of course, there weren’t many of them. I blankly stared at the boxes that were blatantly teasing me and pondered if I should continue or to throw in the towel. The former won so I wore the fiercest expression of concentration I could muster and plunged head-first (quite literally) into that hell of a puzzle.

After what seemed like a million years, I managed to finish the puzzle through hard work and luck. But mostly luck. Now, I call to the heavens and pray that my answer was correct.


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2 thoughts on “sudoku? no, thanks.”

  1. I actually love playing Sudoku. The numbers one, that is. I didn’t like it at first, but after a few tries, I was totally hook. I guess once I know how it works and stuff, it’s a lot more fun? Haha.

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