how far can your 20 pesos go?

If there’s one thing I learned about my trip over the weekend, that would be this: when you’re traveling in Laguna, your 20 bucks can go a long way. You see, I paid a visit to our sister campus last weekend to fulfill the request of a friend. I’ve never been to the Los Baños campus, so I went — albeit reluctantly since I cut a class for that.

Let me repeat: I have never been to the Los Baños campus. And my friend Sarah (I wouldn’t even bother giving her a codename. Teehee~) wasn’t going to pick me up. This means that I would have to navigate around that ginormous city on my own. Plus, the campus is not on the city part; you have to take one looong jeepney ride to get there. And for the directionally-challenged me, this would mean a really big adventure.

And so, I touched down in Laguna with only my wits and my phone to guide me. Yes, my phone which contained Sarah’s directions. This would’ve been a bad set-up because 1.) my wits tend to go bonkers when I’m in the middle of a sea of people and 2.) my phone’s battery is faulty. You look at it and the icon shows it’s fully-charged and the next second, it’s dead. Thank heavens I managed to 1.) pull myself together and 2.) my battery didn’t die. Although my text credits did.

I went to the jeepney terminal and sat out front, beside the driver. This way, I won’t get lost. The conductor collected the fare — 20 bucks, if I remember correctly, or was it 30? — and off we went. I was surprised at how far those 20 pesos got me. Seriously. If it was back home, that trip form the terminal to the campus would’ve cost maybe twice the amount. So, I felt weird (and slightly panicky) that a 20-peso fare would get me that far.

Sarah told me to text her when I pass by Oli (that’s Olivarez, it’s like a shopping complex), so I did. She replied: ‘I’m in Boston Cafe. It’s on the left side of the street. I’ll wait for you outside the store. I’m wearing green. Oh, and above Boston is Eatsumo, in case you have difficulty finding it. Left side.‘ And I was like, ‘Oh, drat.’

One of the things I do not like are these kinds of set-ups. Apart from being directionally-challenged, I’m near-sighted. My vision’s bad so asking me to look for a small cafe on the other side of a sea of vehicles when it’s raining is practically asking for a death sentence. Reminder to all those who plan on doing that in the future: DON’T.

Anyways, I found the Cafe without incident, thanks to the heavy traffic. The jeepney was moving at a centimeter per minute pace so I had plenty of time to scour the shops on the left side of the street. I saw the ‘Eatsumo’ sign and promptly got off. I saw the stick-drawing of a girl in green standing in front of the store and slapped her. No, just kidding. I smiled.



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