relativity lesson #2

And now for the second leg of our Relativity rundown. Yey! (Yes, I know. I’m the only one enthusiastic about all this stuff.) The second point: there is no such thing as ‘meanwhile’.

Argh! What should we do? This messes up the English language? No such thing as ‘meanwhile’?! Well, that’s because of the point we discussed in relativity lesson #1. Based on the light clock experiment we did last time, we’ve established that time slows down in a moving vehicle, correct? This also simply means that time flows at different rates depending on how fast you’re moving. Which is why the person outside sees time slow down inside a vehicle and vice versa. This also means that the statement ‘It’s 10:42 here and meanwhile it’s also 10:42 for the people in Mars’ is not necessarily (scientifically?) correct.


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