breaking news…sort of.

Before I give the next relativity lesson, here’s some good news first.

1.) Anime News Network‘s back and running. Hooray! After being down for 36 hours due to server problems, ANN is back online and ready to serve you! I hope they won’t experience another crash soon.

2.) Amagami SS fans rejoice! It has been confirmed that a second season is coming out. Details as to the plot are yet to be announced, though. Click here for more info.

3.) And finally, for all the K-On! lovers out there (get away, haters. You meanies.), the basic storyline for the upcoming movie to be shown this December has been revealed! I wonder if Mugi-chan has anything to do with this. Teehee~ Scoot over here for more details.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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