comment with your answers!

Okay, it’s not really a trivia. This one’s actually a riddle given to me by Lightning, which you people ignored. Which is also why I’ll put it on a separate post.You are a newly-orphaned daughter. No, it can’t be a son. Oh, fine then, son or daughter, as the case may be. In your mother’s funeral, you see a guy/girl visitor that you immediately take a liking to. The funeral ends without you knowing anything about that individual. No name, no number, no address, no nothing. A few days later, you kill your sister. Now, why did you do that?

Comment with your answers and I will tell you the right one when I feel like it. Teehee~


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

3 thoughts on “comment with your answers!”

    1. Yey! I got the first one right! 😀 Aaaw. I really don’t have an idea on the second one, though. That was just a wild guess. Teehee~

      Thanks for commenting here, too. Maybe you can try to answer the riddle above. 🙂

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