marvel is eternal no matter what happens.

Being the hikikomori that I am, I used to spend my summer days playing PlayStation 1 (yes, one) on our second-hand PC. It had this nifty program that allows you to play PS 1 discs in your computer. I think it was called Connectix VGS or something. My father got a bunch of ’em CDs from his office mate and brought them home.

One of my favorite games to play during those days was Marvel Super Heroes. Who doesn’t love Marvel? Well, of course, the DC fans would react. I personally have nothing against DC but I am a Marvel fan forever. In the game, I always used the crowd favorite. Who else but…

Berserker Barrage! ...or is it? I forget. >.<

Yep. Wolverine in all his yellow spandex glory. I like using him because he’s crazy. That and he’s my favorite X-Men ever. This was until I discovered this interesting being from the Underworld…

BLACKHEART! He is pure awesomeness. Sure, there are plenty of other demon Marvel characters — like Azazel and Nightcrawler (who are father and son, by the way) — but they weren’t in the game, so yeah. Blackheart summons demons to send your life bar to the Netherworld. He can pass through the ground to evade your attack. He uses electricity and blue flames and did I mention he summons demons? He sort of dematerializes himself to buffer attacks. Plus, he walks in this real badass way.

'You better run now 'cause Imma get your soul.'

*sigh* Blackheart. I miss you and your lot. As a tribute, here are some nice GIFs I found on the net to sate my Marvel withdrawal. Just click on ’em and you’ll see how they move.



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