more than servants, they’re actually…

On a friendlier note, I have been reading Kuroshitsuji these past few weeks and I’m absolutely loving it. The circus arc (Okay, I invented that name because I needed something to call it, don’t I?) — y’know, the one where there was this demented noble who’s obsessed with being special and beauty and who kidnapped kids for his entertainment — should’ve been shown in the anime. For the chapter I enjoyed the most so far:

Meirin, Bard and Finny show us that they can kick awesome butt!

Chapter 33: That Butler, Confidence. What I especially like about this chapter is that it’s all about Finny, Bard and Meirin and how they’re such kick-ass servants! This chapter features the three of them protecting the Phantomhive mansion while Sebastian and Ciel are away. And when I say ‘protecting’, I really mean PROTECTING. This would’ve made such a great episode. The anime episode that features these three actually fighting pales in comparison to this chapter. I really wish they followed this one instead. Why? Well, because:

1.) We get to see Finny crush someone twice his size and thrice his bulk.

2.) Meirin is just the most badass maid ever. Don’t let those round glasses and clumsy demeanor fool you!

3.) Bard teaches us Explosives 101 and that the Phantomhive kitchen is actually more than it seems.

4.) Even Tanaka gets his share even if it’s just a glimpse.

The manga really is on a different level from the anime. But the show’s not that bad, really. I watched it again with my sister yesterday, and…yeah. That’s what I think. Just too bad they didn’t include this chapter in it.


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