grimmie, grimmie.

Christina Grimmie’s currently being played on loop in my player. You can’t blame me, she’s really good. Somebody give her a record deal, dammit! Oh, and do support her album ‘Find Me’ on iTunes. Yey! Big cheers for Christina. You rock. Fear her, Selena. You dare go on tour with someone who can actually hit those notes like it’s the most normal thing to do.

As a sample, here’s Christina Grimmie playing her original track off of her album entitled ‘Liar Liar’. Check out her other covers and music videos here. Enjoy.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

2 thoughts on “grimmie, grimmie.”

  1. Ang galing ate….romba nalarka!!! it’s ur type of genre i know…ur choice and taste hindi nagbabago…hey ate….i support you ah..luv u

    1. I know, Papi. Love ya too. 😀

      She so good, royt?! XD I’m real thankful I discovered her. *dreamy sigh* (Come on, Pops. Yer not reading my blog rules! Just because you’re my father doesn’t mean yer excluded. Hahaha. :D)

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