here’s my name. what’s yours?

‘Hi, I’m ia. What’s your name?’

I was christened ia something, something (what? Did you think I’d give out my full name on the Internet?). Of course, that’s Ia but I typed it like that since you might think the ‘i’ was a small letter ‘L’ which would make it the do, re, mi, fa, sol, LA kind of la. I just wanted to emphasize that my name is composed of the letters ‘i’ and ‘a’. And, contrary to popular belief, that’s pronounced ‘aya’ not ‘iya’.

Although it has caused quite some problems for me when in class or when meeting new people, I still love my name. It’s short, unique and convenient. Well, the only problem I’ve had with my name is the usual mistake in its pronunciation. People always pronounce it ‘iya’ which would take me, like, five seconds to process before it actually sinks in that they were referring to me. Take your everyday class roll call, for example.

‘Someone… Whatsisname… Blah… ia (which they pronounce ‘iya’)’

‘… … …Here!’

Like that. Sometimes, my professors would ask me how to pronounce my name so I’ll tell them it’s ‘aya’. But the following meeting, they’d pronounce it ‘iya’ anyways, so I’ve kind of gotten used to it. The usual five-second lapse became three.

When I was in high school and and we were asked to introduce ourselves to class, I’d tell them my name, of course. And then they’d be surprised that it’s spelled with just an ‘i’ and an ‘a’. There’s also this usual scenario during high school. My teachers would always say ‘iya’ and then I’d correct them: ‘It’s ‘aya.” It was always like that, period after period. I wanted to record that on tape and play it over and over again to save me the effort and the saliva.

My name’s really helpful, though, when I was in pre-elementary to second grade. You know how your teachers would give pop quizzes? I mean real POP! quizzes — as in, POP! Name! POP! Number one! POP! Number two!. Like that. Your teachers are so fast you have to finish writing before you can even say ‘pop’. Having a short name composed of only two letters proved to be real helpful when it comes to situation like this. I also don’t have to fear that my name won’t fit in a one-fourth sheet of pad paper or that the lines would run out.

I love my name, even if people always get it wrong. I do have another, second name which is more familiar but I don’t usually use it. It’s too girly, it doesn’t suit me. I dismember those who call me by that name. No, just kidding. But yeah, I love my name. And some people think it’s cute.

‘I’m ia. Nice to meet ya.’


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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