gimme back me head!

What would you do if some crazy, obsessed people dug up your grave to steal your bones or took out your organs upon dying to preserve them — or worse, put them in a museum? I’d probably haunt them. I mean, seriously. Just let me rest in peace, for…peace’s sake! Well, if you’re vain, you’d probably be happy and think you’ve done something real grand in your life. Anyhow, here are some famous people who probably couldn’t get some peace and are still looking for the dismembered parts of their body.

1. Albert Einstein. Poor Albie. This 20th century genius volunteered his brain to scientists the moment he died. And true enough, when he died in 1955, scientists took out his brain, had it photographed, examined, sectioned and sent to labs to be studied. Poor brain.

2. Galileo Galilei. Galileo died in 1642 but his body reached it’s final destination in 1737. What happened in between, you ask? Well, I don’t really know. But there was an aristocrat who cut off three of Galileo’s fingers as keep sakes. Yep, he wasn’t happy with one, so he took three. Two of the fingers now belong to an Italian doctor and the third’s now housed in Florence’s Museum of the History of Science, pointing to the sky.

3. Joseph Haydn. The Austrian composer’s corpse suffered such a tragic fate; imagine your head and your body in two different places. The head was first stolen in 1809 when the prison warden took of with his noggin’. This warden gave it an acquaintance and from there, Haydn’s head had been traveling for years. Relatives tried to retrieve the skull in 1932 but then World War II and the Cold War intervened so they had to postpone that lest they get stuck in between cannon blasts and all that. It was only in 1954 that the head finally reunited with its body.

4. Jose Rizal. Even our national hero did not escape such fate. Good thing, it wasn’t as worse as the others. Missing from his remains under the Rizal Monument in Luneta is a vertebra which is enshrined in Fort Santiago.

5. George Washington. Mr. Washington was really generous. First, he gave away his hair encased in a locket to his aide-de-camp, Col. John Trumbull which was later passed on to generation of the Trumbull family. Then, Washington’s dentist, John Greenwood, kept the last of Washington’s natural teeth. It was supposed to be used as a model for a new set of dentures but, yeah. Dr. Greenwood kept it as a souvenir and has been with the Greenwood family ever since.


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