this is going to be an anti-anti-moe rant. be warned.

I do not understand this seeming distaste for K-On! for its being, allegedly, a moe-blob. For the non-otaku populace, moe-blob is moe taken to its utmost level. That is, something is so moe that it appears to have no other defining charcteristic other than its moe-ness. Moe, by the way, means a fixation for some certain element. For example, I have a meganeko moe. I would usually go for the female character who wears glasses. I also have a dandere (shy girl) moe. Just like in the case for K-On!, I went for Mio instantly.

Just like this.

Explaining things made me forget my point. Oh, yeah. About haters, right. The issue here is this: people are thinking that just because a lot of moe-blobs are cropping up, it means that anime is dying. Apparently, their problem with moe-blobs is that compared to pre-moe anime, the former lacks substance and is therefore, shallow. They think that all these moe-blobs have to offer are its moe-ness, nothing more. No substantial plot, no twisted character developments, no emotionally-gripping scenes whatsoever. That said, they proceeded to diss these moe-blobs and, in turn, their followers.

Now, what is the problem with you? True, there are moe-blobs that have no plot, such as Lucky Star, but not everything’s like that. They may not be as complex or twisted as non-moe anime but there is something. And since most moe-blobs belong to the school life/comedy genre — do you expect some grand scheme to happen inside a school?

Also, don’t hate moe-blobs because they’re famous. K-On! for instance proved to be a surprise hit. I was already watching K-On! even before it became famous and I stuck it out until the end. You can’t really say that I had external influences for watching it since my discovery of the show was by mere happenstance. I liked the first episode and finished it until the end. It got famous, released a second season, sold thousands of albums and other merchandise and practically made a large chunk of the otaku community screaming for more.

K-On! is not just moe. There’s the camaraderie between the girls, their desire to pursue their dreams, the fun in high school life and the enjoyment of making music and self-discovery. You failed to see all of that all because of your moe allergy. They basically present you with the same themes, only in a different form.

Bottom line is, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And do show some respect to those who enjoy watching moe-blobs. Anime is, after all, about entertainment. They weren’t made to wage war between factions. The last thing they need are people who try to cram their stuck-up ideologies up their throats. If you enjoy watching it, then good for you. That’s what’s important. And we all have our respective tastes. That’s the truth so deal with it. Moe is not the death of anime.



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