my soul, your beats.

I’ve been wanting to make a review of this anime for such a long time now but it kept on slipping my mind. And since, I didn’t forget it today, I’d like to present you with another creation from the people who brought us Clannad and Air: Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!' Tachibana Kanade (Tenshi) & Nakamura Yuri

Another Studio Key creation, Angel Beats! is a half-season anime that gives its audience angels, hell lot of action scenes, girls with guns and, as in any Key creation, tear-jerking, emotionally-stirring drama.

The show starts off with Otanashi Yuzuru waking up to find Yuri trying to snipe down an unaware Kanade. Of course, Otanashi, being the good man that he is, stops her.

Yuri and protagonist, Otanashi Yuzuru. He's just woken up, as you can see from the dazed look.

It turns out that the world Otanashi woke up in was a place after death. All those who were stuck in that place were the ones who still had unfulfilled desires and couldn’t find peace. They wanted to rebel against their cruel fate and refused to get ‘obliterated’. Yuri, along with her brigade SSS — Shinda Sekai Sensen — was determined to rebel against Tenshi, whom they believed brought about the ‘obliteration’ that causes people to go missing.

For an anime with only 12/13 episodes, Angel Beats! proved to be a really good watch with its solid storyline and concept. The balanced mix of comedy, action and a tang of romance proved to be quite effective in sustaining my interest.

Yui and Hinata

The Yui-Hinata arc, for example, was a really touching way to go. With Yui and Hinata always bickering with each other, you never would’ve thought that he’d be the key for Yui’s release. Sure, it’s cute and all, but…yeah. Or maybe I’m just not romantic enough. The scenes which followed after Yui’s declaration of her dream to get married sure stirred my heart strings.

Another plus was the array of fun, quirky characters. I personally love Shiina. She’s such a cutie. Too bad her screen time’s just…ugh. Too few. I love how she gets distracted by cute things, which caused her ‘demise’ in one of the SSS missions. She uses her ninja skills to aid the brigade.

Here's Shiina balancing a broom, a ruler and a pair of scissors to improve her concentration.

I also like this mysterious character who goes by the name of TK. Ha. You can’t get anymore mysterious than that. No one in the brigade knows TK’s real name nor his past. He’s usually seen dancing and even if he’s just standing, he’s still shaking to some beat in his head. He speaks nonsensical English, probably random lines from some songs. He is, however, really strong and a skilled gunman.

TK in tha' house, yo.

I also prefer Kanade instead of Yuri, though Yuri is indeed a great leader. And considering her really morbid, tragic past, she’s handling things quite well. Usually, she’s rational and plans things really carefully. But of course, there are times when her emotions get the better of her.

All in all, Angel Beats! is a wonderful, solid show to watch. The characters and their own unique pasts are, I think, one of the primary factors for this show’s success. The revelation in the ending was really painful and sad. The people from Key just had to wait until the end to unleash every single bit of emotionally-stirring power that they had. I won’t say what happened. I don’t want any spoilers. I want you to watch it. It’s one of the best animes in its season.


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