another potential clannad?

I figured I should start watching another series soon, since I’ve finished watching Kuroshitsuji. And the candidate that came up?

Usagi Drop

Fresh from the funeral of his grandfather, 30-year old Kawachi Daikichi finds himself taking care of a little girl, Kaga Rin, who happens to be his grandfather’s illegitimate child.

I’ve only watched the first episode but I see a lot of potential for this show. Rin actually reminds me of Ushio — quiet, cute, soft-spoken yet strong. The immediate bond that formed between Daikichi and Rin is touching. The scene where Daikichi asks Rin if she wants to go home with him was something that moved me. Seeing Rin turn and run towards Daikichi, holding the blue flower, you can sense the happiness to have someone in such a crucial time of her young life. The need to be cared for, the fragility of a child and the caring instinct of a father within Daikichi were all present in that single scene. And it moved me. Effectively.

I do plan on seeing this series to the end with the hopes that it will not disappoint. I am curious as to how this one would turn out.


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