the final battle.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

With the second part of the Deathly Hallows showing in the big screen, it feels like a part of our lives is coming to a close. Harry and the gang have been such a part of our existence that watching the last part of the HP franchise was like putting a period to a sentence. As the movie tag line says, it all ends.Seeing Harry, Hermione and Ron again, I figured out my anxiety was for nothing. The movie did not disappoint. It was amazing. True, there were parts that were not faithful to the book but they were easily forgiven since Yates was able to pull them through. The wand fights were absolutely…wow. Watching makes you want to own a wand and cast the Kedavra curse on somebody.

The final chapter provided an amazing closure to the franchise. True, it would take some time to get used to the fact that there would be no more movie to wait for or book to be released. But we all know that Harry Potter will always remain as an irreplaceable part in every fan.

Harry Potter and Voldemort finally meet. The face-off begins.
Harry and Voldemort casting there spells for the final battle.
Here's Neville Longbottom -- all filthy, heroic and glorious.


Of course, we can't leave out the love birds, can we? Ron and Hermione all dirtied up from battling but still lovey-dovey together.

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