Because I’m such a hikikomori (I barely watch TV — except on the occasions that I go home — and have no radio), I only discovered this song (which people have been talking about and listening to ages ago) yesterday. Yes, that’s the kind of loser I am. *kneels in utter defeat*

This video is a certified laugh trip. Katy Perry is hilarious. I mean that in a nice sort of way, okay? Not to mention that the song is really catchy. Quite a cast we have here. Kenny G appears in the video with an awesome sax solo as well as the Hanson brothers. Oh, and Rebecca Black’s there, too! Aren’t you happy? (‘Rebecca Black’s a nice girl!’ — Uh. Yuh, sure. Of course.)

Last Friday Night’s probably the funniest MV that I’ve ever seen and I’m sure you’ll love it as well. Katy Perry has no qualms about poking fun at herself. She has fun and it shows. The ingredient for an awesome artist and an awesome music video.


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