the spice of life that is beck.

Cover art for Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad soundtrack

I’ve got Moon On The Water stuck in my head for a couple of days now. You can’t really blame me, since the songs from the anime Beck are really good. Just ignore all the weird Engrish.

The soundtrack contains 21 awesome tracks that you can head bang to. All the important songs in the show are packed into this amazing album: from ‘Spice of Life’  — which is, I think, Beck’s first song — to ‘My World Down’ by Dying Breed and ‘Follow Me’ which was sung by Koyuki and Maho, Ryuusuke’s sister. The album has two versions of ‘Moon On The Water’: one by Koyuki and Dying Breed while the other one’s a Koyuki-Maho duet. There’s also this really cute track entitled ‘Genki wo Dashite’ which is a really light, feel-good song. I don’t quite remember where it was used so if anyone knows, please tell me.

This album is absolutely glorious. I’ve been listening to it for the nth time now and I’m still not sick of it. It’s really a must-have for all Mongolian Chop Squad fans.

L-R, clockwise: Yoshiyuki Taira (bassist), Tanaka Yukio (vocals, guitar), Minami Ryuusuke (guitar), Tunemi Chiba (main vocals), Yuji Sakurai (drums).

I’ve watched the anime many moons ago so I’m quite fuzzy now about how the events went. But it’s basically about the struggle of Minami Ryuusuke’s band to fame. He was already starting to form the band when he met Koyuki, who saved his weird looking dog. Koyuki, who’s a complete newbie and does not know how to play any instrument, is recruited into the band. It’s now up to him to catch up to his band mates who have been in touch with music throughout their lives.

If you think this has a similar plot line to K-On! — what with the zero music knowledge, disconnected, carefree protagonist — then you are greatly mistaken. Beck gives you a dirtier, more grungy, street feel. Characterizations are more complex and the plot conflicts are all mature and twisted up. In essence, K-On! is your feel-good, moe, music anime while Beck’s your dark, edgy, more mature type of show.

As for the music, I have nothing to say but superb. If you’re looking for a show with rock-driven music, this is the place for you. Even Koyuki, who improves greatly as the show progresses, was able to give a worthwhile song.

With a balanced blend of comedy, romance, and band drama — plus, loads and loads of music — Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is a must-watch for any anime fan.



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4 thoughts on “the spice of life that is beck.”

  1. Never really saw Beck as dark (aside from a few scenes) but most definitely it’s nothing like K-On. I’ve never seen anyone attempt to compare the two though. And it is a great show with really catchy, slightly nonsensical songs.

    Great review by the way.

    1. I compare the two because I’m crazy.

      Just kiddin’. I used K-On! as a point of comparison because 1.) I’ve seen other people who’ve watched Beck say how K-On! is not a music anime in comparison to it. I’d like to disagree by saying that it is, only with a different approach. 2.) K-On! and Beck are, by far, the only I-will-form-a-band animes that I’ve watched. Teehee~ If you have any other shows to suggest, please do so. =)

      Thank you. And thanks for commenting too.

      1. Ah. I personally haven’t seen anyone connect K-On and Beck. Though I understand why the connection would be there since they’re both shows about forming bands and music. Beck just takes the more “we want to be professionals” route while K-On is more of a slice of life, school club, forming friendships sort of deal.

        I don’t know of any other forming band type animes either. ^^; Those are the only two I know of (though I do have to finish season 2 of K-On…).

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