yes, my lord.

What with all the hype about this show, I was determined to find out what made Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis celebrities. And so, despite my busy schedule, I toiled through Kuroshitsuji and finally finished it some days ago.

Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler, is about the fallen Earl Ciel Phantomhive — the last of his line — who made a contract with demon butler Sebastian Michaelis. The deal wasn’t explicitly stated in the first episode, but as the show goes on, you’ll eventually figure out how it goes. Sebastian is to protect Ciel and follow his every beck and call. In exchange, he is to take Ciel’s soul when he dies. Kind of like the arrangement between Yagami Light and the shinigami Ryuk in Death Note.

Kuroshitsuji offers us with a handful of characters, some of them you’ll hate, some of them you’ll sympathize with. Here’s a rundown on the interesting characters you’ll meet throughout the show.

From L-R: Tanaka (sitting), Meirin, Bard ,Finny, Agni, Prince Soma, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, Madam Red, Grell Sutcliffe, Lao and Ran-mao.

1.) Tanaka, Meirin, Bard and Finny. The servants of the Phantomhive household. They’re usually shown as helpless and clumsy but you’ll be surprised on how badass they really are.

2.) Agni and Prince Soma. Royalty from India who went to England in search of their missing servant. Watch out for Agni and Sebastian’s curry-cooking showdown.

3.) Ciel Phantomhive. The protagonist. Cold, calculating, manipulative. The Earl of the Phantomhive house and Sebastian’s master. He is also referred to as the ‘Queen’s loyal dog’ since he obediently does the ‘errands’ sent to him by the Queen.

4.) Sebastian Michaelis. A demon who undertook a contract with the Earl Ciel Phantomhive. He takes in the form of a butler but gives us a glimpse of his true demon form in the end.

5.) Madam Red and Grell Sutcliffe. Madam Red is Ciel’s aunt. Grell actually posed as Red’s clumsy butler in the beginning but it was later revealed that he is a Death Reaper. Has a crush on Sebastian Michaelis.

6.) Lao and Ran-Mao. Lao is the head of the Chinese mafia who conducts his opium-business in England undetected. He helps Ciel when it comes to gathering or dissipating information but does something surprising in the end.

Also there is Undertaker who also helps Ciel and Sebastian when it comes to intelligence. Later, it is revealed that he is actually, like Grell, a Death Reaper — and the greatest, fiercest, most productive one at that.

Here we have Ash and Angela. They’re angels. But just because they’re angels, it doesn’t mean they’re not going to be a pain in the butt.

I think what makes this show interesting is the deal between Ciel and Sebastian. It grips Ciel in a way that he has to deal with everything in a detached way while keeping his emotions in check. In the end, Ciel’s resolve is tested — will he stay firm or will his decisions sway? The paradoxical role between the demon and the angel, as well as the intertwining of light and darkness with a child stuck in between is what makes Kuroshitsuji interesting.

I was craving for some more thriller scenes, though. And I thought the battle scenes could have been better. They’re not bad but they lacked something to give me goosebumps. It’s also such a bummer that we didn’t get to see Sebastian’s demon form. All we know is that he wears heels. All in all, Kuroshitsuji’s not that bad of a show to watch. Drawing’s great and the characters are established. Nice storyline plus beautiful opening and closing themes.


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7 thoughts on “yes, my lord.”

  1. The Kuroshitsuji anime adaptation is decent but nothing beats the quality of the manga. And don’t bother watching Kuroshitsuji s2… Despite Nana Mizuki and Takahiro Sakurai, s2 wasn’t that much convincing when compared with s1

  2. I haven’t read the manga so I really don’t have a point of comparison but I think that as a series, Kuroshitsuji’s capable of standing on its own. I do believe that the second season only has 12 episodes, am I correct? I’m kind of doubtful of what it has to offer within half a season, so I’ll bear your advice in mind. =)

  3. I think the ending of Kuroshitsuji season 1 is commendable considering how it tied loose ends for the anime original climax. What they did in season 2 was simply an attempt to immortalize the characters that did not work. Overall, I think it’s better if Kuroshitsuji just ended with season 1.

  4. I’m the same. It was such a let down to not see Sebastian’s demon form at the end. They made such a big deal about how he’s a demon the rest of the series (or rather they just kept hammering that silly “I’m one hell of a butler” pun into our heads the entire show and point out that he’s a demon), but then when it matters, they don’t show us. Except the heels which was just weird and made me more curious about what his demon form is. Decent show, but it’s a bit of a pet peeve when shows tease you with something you wanted to see and even in the end they never show you.

    1. That’s true. I think it would’ve better if they just had Sebastian in season 2 but with a different master or something. And then show us his demon form. That would’ve been more fulfilling than changing the protagonists altogether.

      1. That’s true. They probably should’ve given him a different master. It just confused me to see Ciel come back when I thought he was dead. But I guess the fans wanted it.

        I’ve only gotten about 4 episodes into season 2 but it’s just boring compared to season 1. It’s not catching my interests like the first season did.

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