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La Corda d'Oro: Primo Passo

Every time I go home, I never accomplish anything academic-related. If I ever do, it’s quite rare and I assure you, it required a mountain’s worth of effort and self-control from watching anime or simply lazing around. This being the case, do not be surprised if the only thing I managed done in the weekend was finish La Corda d’Oro: Primo Passo with my sister and my mother.

La Corda is a music anime. And I’m not talking about K-On! or Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad-type of music. I’m talking about classical music. Yes, the Beethoven-Chopin-Schumann type of classical. It features Hino Kahoko, a regular General Education department student who has no musical knowledge whatsoever. Despite this, she was chosen by Lili – the school’s fairy and…ah…guardian? – to take care and make use of a magical violin. With this, Hino Kahoko was chosen to enter the school concours where he meets these five gorgeous guys.

1. Tsukimori Len. A musical prodigy who, like Kahoko, plays the violin. He’s a snob and acts cold towards everyone. Later on in the series, he warms up towards Kahoko, showing concern and affection towards her. Ha. Tsundere.

2. Hihara Kazuki. Cheerful, boisterous and always on-the-go, this trumpet-playing dude was among the first ones to show affection towards Kahoko. He’s your usual boy-next-doorj type of guy and is always there for Kahoko. Just like this guy…

3. Tsuchiura Ryotaro. He’s in the same department as Kahoko and plays the piano. He’s renounced playing the piano for a time and joined the soccer club. But due to his involvement in the first concour, he was selected to join.

4. Shimizu Keiichi. Kahoko’s underclassman that plays the cello. He’s quiet and somewhat sluggish. He’s my favorite so don’t diss him. His life revolves around his music. He even describes his routine as ‘sleep, eat, play the cello, sleep, repeat the process’.

5. Yunoki Azuma. He’s the I’m-prettier-than-you guy in this show. He plays the flute but has a really warped personality. He’s a schizophrenic bitch.

There’s one more participant in the concours: Fuyuumi Shoko. She’s a really shy girl who plays the clarinet and looks up to Kahoko as a good friend and an amazing musician.

In the end, it wasn’t that bad of a watch. I learned tons of classical music trivia, which I have forgotten as of this moment. Ah! Like how Beethoven was the first composer to use a metronome! Ha. Bet ya didn’t know that! Oh, you did? Oh, well. Watch La Corda for it’s wonderful art, music and if you have a thing for bishies.


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