spidey’s back. oh, not exactly.

There seems to be a trend for movies adapted from comics these past few months. There was X-Men: First Class (which I watched), Transformers 3, Green Lantern and Captain America. Now, there’s this: a remake of our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, Amazing Spider-Man. It doesn’t star Tobey Maguire anymore so a box of tissues for all the Tobey fans.

The new Spidey movie is more faithful to the comics and will star a certain Andrew Garfield (I have to admit I have no idea who he is) as Peter Parker. Spider-Man’s uniform here is different. It’s more…I can’t explain it. It looks more vivid than the previous costume. See, just look at it.

The colors are brighter and the lines are more obvious. It also features that gadget Peter invented. See those two wristwatch-like thingys? They’re the web-flinging devices he made. If I remember correctly, he doesn’t get web powers in the comics so he had to make those. Nerdy cool, ain’t it?

What with all the debate between the old Spider-Man movies and this new remake, I’m kind of curious how this one would turn out. Will a complete repackaging of the old franchise satisfy fans more? Let’s just wait and see.

(Credits to http://www.filmofilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/spider-man.jpg for the wall-crawlers awesome photo.)


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2 thoughts on “spidey’s back. oh, not exactly.”

  1. Screw Tobey Maguire, I hated him, he was an AWFUL Peter Parker! Screw Mary-Jane Watson too, so glad that this movie actually has Petes first love, Gwen! The costume looks like it has scales on it – for some unknown reason. I’m not too sure on this movie…we just have to wait and see.

    1. Yeah, the costume does look scale-y. Haha. But for some reason, I like this more than Tobey’s costume. I love Tobey’s symbiote version, though. It looks so, I dunno, cool and evil. Haha.

      Oh, wait. Am I correct that he didn’t get web powers in the comics? (Ya see, it was my father who’s the big comic fan. I think he told me something like that. There is also the high probability that I am inventing things. Hahaha.)

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