pick your post-graduate career.

Stumped on what you’d want to be after you graduate? Looking for a job to earn some extra cash? Or are you just plain bored and would like to make better use of your life? Why not try out these jobs and pick out the ones best suited for your taste.

1.) Armpit sniffer. As the name frankly suggests, you sniff out armpits. No, not for a BO high but to test deodorant effectiveness. If you’ve ever wondered how companies know that their deodorants work, then there’s your answer.

2.) Queen producer. You raise queen bees. Watch out for the stings.

3.) Ball picker. Picks up golf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, etc. who hate their owners and refused to go back to them. You earn by keeping these recreational areas clean and by selling the balls you’ve picked up *wink, wink* on the side.

4.) Easter bunny. A bunny mascot. A play thing for children’s amusement at hospitals, parks or parties. Never mind the stinky, sweaty suit. Think about the children you give happiness to.

5.) Can catcher. Well, basically, you catch falling cans from a conveyor belt to prevent them from colliding and denting each other. Great bicep-tricep workout, I believe.

6.) Extermination supervisor. If you are a sadist, then this is the perfect job for you. You will become in charge of the activities of your subordinates in charge of exterminating vermin with various devices. Now, use your sadistic strategies to give these vermin the punishment that you deem they deserve.

I still have plenty more but these ones seem to be fun. Take your pick and enjoy. Huh? What’s that? What kind of jobs are these? Well, I told you they’re ‘odd jobs’, right? Oh, I didn’t? Oops, my bad. If you’re looking for real, office jobs, you’ve come to the wrong place. But why not try something fun, for a change? I know you don’t want to be stuck in an office sniffing photocopy toners.


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