poor freud, you.

We all know Sigmund Freud for his contributions to psychoanalysis or simply as the dude who gives sexual undertones to everything. If you dream of melons or eggplants (whichever one’s applicable for your case), that means you’re sexually deprived. He believes that dreams are projections of our subconscious but interestingly enough, all his observations seem to boil down to one conclusion: Each and everyone of us is a sexually-deprived being which is why these desires manifest into our dreams. Therefore, we should all go forth and do each other. However, I am not here to diss him. I have come forth to share some interesting trivia about this man.

Freud was known to suffer from:

1.) Severe bouts of depression which just comes out of the blue. You know, like a really heavy mood swing. He can’t work when his mood is at both extreme ends of the spectrum — that is when he’s really happy or really depressed. What he needs, he says, is ‘the moderate misery’ needed for his work.

2.) Fainting. Freud was a fainter. No, a fainter, not a painter. There have been numerous instances where he fainted, a majority of which involved his male colleagues. This led to his self-diagnostic theories that it arose from his homosexual repressions. Ha. Talk about the dog biting its owner’s hand.

3.) Freud suffered from migraine throughout a vast majority of his life which was usually accompanied by sinusitis. Interestingly, during the 80s, Freud associated his migraine attacks with sexual deprivation (I told you he connects everything to fornication) as he and his wife were abstaining from sex to avoid another addition to their brood of six.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with his being a psychoanalyst — second thought, I do think it has everything to do with it, what with all the neuroses he’s being exposed to — but one person suffering from all those kinds of illness is just insane. He ought to take care of himself more. Hmm, well, he’s dead now so it’s no use. What he left us is his genius: his psychoanalytic legacy and the theory that migraines and sexual deprivation are, in one way or another, connected.


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