black’s back.

After the…er…’success’ of Friday, Rebecca Black’s back with her brand-spanking-new single My Moment which, thank Heavens, doesn’t have anything to do with days of the week, her birthday or numbers (Well, my roommates and I used to joke about how Black’s next song would be about numbers — something like ‘It’s 20 and 21 comes after that’, or something).

I cautiously clicked on the ‘Play’ button on YouTube, expecting the sound of dying rats from my speakers. However, that didn’t happen, to my utter surprise. The Black’s new song is actually quite catchy — I meant that in a nice way, okay? Not in the ‘catchy’-sarcastic tone I associate with Friday. The song’s basically Black’s cutesy way to say ‘In your face!’ to all haters, which is, I think, quite effective. Oh, maybe that’s why she always looks at the camera every ten seconds.

Anyways, here’s the video if you dare watch it. Love her or hate her, I think she’ll stick around to prove…uhm…her worth, annoy you, or whatever floats your boat that she’ll do. Leave comments about the video and let’s make this more exciting.


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