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TRIVIA FOR THE DAY! *cue drumroll*

Lipograms! Lipograms are works that deliberately omit a letter of the alphabet by substituting words that contain that particular letter. ‘Lipo’ actually means lacking so now we also know how ‘liposuction’ came about.

An example of a lipogram would be Ernest Vincent Wright’s 50, 110-word novel Gadsby — a novel without the letter most commonly used in English, the letter e. To ensure that not a single e would slip through, he tied down the key for the letter on his typewriter. If you want to get an idea on how hard this is, try thinking of a sentence without an e and you’ll get an inkling on the quicksand he put himself in.

However, it was not a quicksand he couldn’t get out off. Wright finished the novel in 165 days without inventing words or using tricks like using apostrophes for the e‘s. Gadsby is now a prized possession for rare book dealers.


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