when roommates get together.

Girls really do get noisy when they get together. I found solid, first-hand experience proof of this. The other day, my ex-roommates and I got together to catch up on things and…well, it was actually a ploy to have one of them treat all three of us. Ha. (We were four in a room then.)

We were supposed to meet at 5.30 but I arrived around 6. Now, don’t you go blaming me — my class for that day finishes at 5.30. You don’t expect that I know how to Disapparate, do you? Well, sorry to disappoint dear, but I’m no wizard. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, that and I had to get some readings for The Churlish Aristocrat. (I will not name her lest she establishes a coup d’etat on my grade.) And so, bottom line is, I arrived late. We chatted for a while before we proceeded to eat.

Now, this is when it got really crazy. They were talking about how cute their profs are so I told them that I had one too. And, to our surprise, one of my roommates and I were talking about the same prof. The conversation went like this:

Roommate 1: My Futsal prof’s really cute!

Roommate 2: My prof in Italian’s so hot!

Me: Oh, my prof in EL 50 is good-looking as well.

Roommate 1 to Roommate 2: Who’s your prof?

Roommate 2: Sir De**g. (Let’s be discreet here, shall we? *wink*)

Me: OH MY GOD! He’s my EL 50 prof!

*squeal squeal squeal*

That’s how it happened. After that maddening squeal session, we ate. Apparently, the only thing that can shut four squealing girls up is food.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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