when rain dampens the torch.

For a sports-crazed country like the Philippines, any sports event is a big deal. If you plan on holding one, expect a throng of people to come to your event. And I do believe that Manny Pacquaio is a good proof for this. Every time he has a fight, Manila becomes deserted and crime rates go down — quite an amazing feat since emptying Metro Manila of its population is almost impossible. So it wasn’t surprising to see the wave of people gathered in Marikina Sports Complex for the UAAP Season 74 Opening despite the heavy rains and muddy streets.

The UAAP is an inter-collegiate competition that is held yearly. It features various sports from Basketball to Football to Track. I have never watched a UAAP event — even the Cheerdance competition. This time, however, I am required to pass a reaction paper for this opening. Well, of course, being the lazy bum that I am, I watched the event on TV.

Hmm. Well. It was…boring. I actually had difficulties writing my paper since there were just a few things I could commend on. The event was hosted by Ateneo de Manila University so it’s basically their fault as to why the event didn’t take place in Araneta, which is the usual venue for the UAAP. Ateneo wanted an Olympic-style opening but the weather just had to dampen their dreams. As a result, the dancers were low on energy, the band could barely be heard, everyone seems to feel squeamish about stepping on muddy grass. In short, I think it was…not as great as everyone expected it to be.

I do appreciate the fact that a lot of people attended the event that you can actually feel the school spirit. They were all so enthusiastic, smiling and cheering like they did. Well, I guess that makes up for the watered-down (literally and metaphorically) performance of the Blue Eagles. (Maybe it’s just my UP bias, I don’t know.) All’s well that ends well. Apart from my reaction paper that is.


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