always right.

I was walking my merry way with Rune one afternoon when I almost collided with some churl (Ha!). I was able to hit my brakes in time and so the what-should-have-been-a-strong-impact was avoided. However, what ensued was a skirmish on gender superiority — neither one of us would budge. The churl was a big man so he was practically blocking about 90% of the path. Being the kind and generous person that I am, I proceeded to the other side so as we can both pass through. But still, the boor did not move. Instead, he muttered — in a high-pitched voice, to my surprise — ‘Always right’. I was unable to suppress a snort as I proceeded to do as he said.

Call me ignorant but I did not know that such a rule existed. Does this have anything to do with gender? Or is it a remnant of the codes of chivalry which I do not know of? Don’t you think this is quite problematic? What if my dominant-hand is left? What if I have an obsessive-compulsive condition which entails my staying on the left side of everything?

What if I simply do not want to be suppressed by norms or put down by the opposite sex? Just because I did not go right, does this mean I am wrong?


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

7 thoughts on “always right.”

  1. look for the guy (churl?) again ate…let’s take him here in India where “it’s always left”…they even shake their head sideways if they agree with you…where in the world can you find that….only in India..

      1. eto pa isa ate..medyo unorthodox but there’s some touch of “nobleness” in this practice in India: whatever time of day they meet u they will greet you “good morning” – reason? ” I did not see you this morning so I have to greet you GOOD MORNING even if its now evening. It’s the most important greeting of the day..” Gets mo? he he

  2. Nope…they will ask you : Saptacha? (have you eaten?) kahit obviously kumain ka na dahil me mumo ka pa sa bibig…he he..ewan kung ba’t ganun ang sequence ng usapan dito….
    Tas they have this funny habit of gesturing while talking (kumpas ng kumpas) – kahit nakikipag usap sa celfone as if kita ng kausap nila na kumukumpas sila…weird talaga he he..

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