si bogart na walang malay.

I have some useless information for all of you: yesterday was Bogart’s birthday. Who is this Bogart, you ask. Well, I have absolutely no idea. I do not know Bogart and never in my whole life have I been an acquaintance of someone with a name as…bold as ‘BO-GART’ (you have to emphasize each syllable, you know). To me, he/she/it (you may never know, Bogart may be an unlucky girl whose parents really wanted a boy, or worse, Bogart may be the name of a pet) is an idea. A concept. All I know is that there is a being named Bogart who celebrated his/her/its birthday yesterday.

We became acquainted with this Bogart perso — form while Rune, Lightning and I were hanging out at our favorite DVD store. Suddenly, a group of girls arrived holding a camera and half a folder with some runes on it (no, there was written on it. I just didn’t see). One of the girls was my classmate back when I took PE 1 so I waved at her. Unfortunately, I shouldn’t have done that. The girls asked us to shout (happily, they emphasized) ‘Happy Birthday, Bogart!’ while they took a video of us. Well, of course, we reluctantly agreed and did our best at feigning utter joy.

After all that drama was over, we were all like this: “Who’s Bogart?!” “What if they post that in YouTube and they put something like ‘This one’s a catch! or something?”

What’s the moral in all this, you ask? Hmm. I don’t really know. I was just thinking if I’d be happy if some random people greeted my ‘Happy Birthday!’ in a video. I think I’d be confused.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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