tag. you’re it.

Considering the fact that almost everyone spends a lot of time online these days, I guess it’s not that much of a surprise that a gazillion social networking sites are popping up. But of course, being the pitiful, ignorant human being that I am, these new networking sites (along with many other things) were unbeknownst to me. The one I’m talking about is something that a friend mentioned to me: tagged.com

And so, curious little me created an account in the said site to…er…sate my curiosity. Having finished this relatively simple process, I proceeded on exploring the premises.

Apparently, the site is a…nest for people who are seeking, how shall I put this, relationships within the range of friendship to FBs (f**k buddies, not Facebook or Facebook buddies). All you need to do is fill out your profile (in other words, make it look interesting) and you’re all set to find…friends. I’m sorry, as you may have felt, I am quite uncertain whether to call them friends or ‘friends’.

Interestingly enough, a few minutes after I made my account, notifications and messages started popping up like crazy. Random people started asking for friend requests and my Yahoo/Skype/MSN name. These were guys, of course. And majority of them, oddly enough, were Indians. (I suddenly remembered my father who’s in India. Hi Pops! I know you’ll get to read this eventually!)

A bit later, I changed my shout out to ‘Feel free to ask me any questions. I’d be glad to answer them.’ (it initially contained, well, nothing). One guy asked: ‘What’s the size of your tits?’ Tsk. Men.


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