prolly the only SCANDAL that’s absolutely good for you.

SCANDAL's Best SCANDAL album cover

If you want a nice band to start out your JPop experience, I’d recommend that you give all-girl band SCANDAL a listen. Their songs are easy on the ears — they’re not heavy but that doesn’t mean that they lack either. These talented girls balance everything out quite nicely, I should say.

Composed of Haruna (guitar and vocals), Mami (guitar and vocals), Tomomi (bass) and Rina (drums, and is my personal favorite!) these girls formed the band way back in 2006 when they were still in high school. Eventually Kitty Records noticed them and decided to sign them in. As their fan base grew, Kitty Records became unable to support the demand. And so, they were taken in by Tower Records. From there, everything just skyrocketed.

I gave their album Best Scandal a whir during the vacation and boy, did I have a blast. True, I do not understand what they were saying but their music was just too good I got hooked. Not to mention that they look absolutely adorable. Sailor uniforms + cute rocking girls = awesomeness. Seriously people. Give them a listen. I’m quite sure they won’t fail you.


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