put your hands all over me.

Ladies and gentlemen, Maroon 5

Over the summer, I had the wonderful Eureka moment of downloading Maroon 5’s albums (read: I was bored so I downloaded random stuff). I have this habit of downloading whole albums in order to see what kind of music a certain artist makes — even if this means that I know one (or even none) of his/her/their songs.Yes, yes, I know, piracy is a crime. But albums are so pricey, they’d make you poor in no time. And so, I proceeded to download three of their albums: Songs About Jane, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long and lastly, Hands All Over. I transferred them to my player and gave them a spin (well, I couldn’t really ‘give them a spin’ since they weren’t in a CD but, you know what I mean), and thank heavens, they didn’t disappoint me.

Walking down Maroon 5 memory lane was quite a wonderful, nostalgic experience. You can actually hear the music change. Those three albums are like Shakespeare’s sonnets — they were love songs in stages. Songs About Jane were the courting, somewhat angst-driven stage until it finally moves on to songs about lost love and heartaches in Hands All Over. Adam’s voice is as slick as ever and their signature electro-pop-rock (I think. I just made that up. Ha.) hasn’t lost it’s touch. Maroon 5’s tracks are practically begging you to listen to them over and over again. With a nice combination of slow, sentimental songs and edgy, angsty tracks, I’m quite sure you will.


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