probably the greatest injustice our teachers hid from us.

I feel so betrayed. For I-can’t-remember-how-many-years, my science teachers made me believe that fact. I know I can’t blame it all on them — they were simply following their higher-ups (basically, the Department of Education curriculum/educational provisions). And besides, I can always blame our rotten system for such ineptness. Anyways, the ‘fact’ I’m talking about is something that has to do with those two dastardly guys James Watson and Francis Crick. Yep, the same ones who discovered the double-helical structure of the DNA.

We were made to watch a documentary called The Secret of Photo 51 for my MBB 1 class and by the time it ended, I was fuming. Since my elementary years, I was made to believe that Watson and Crick were such great guys to have discovered the DNA structure given the technological constraints of their time. They even won the ‘effing Nobel Prize for it. Well, apprently, there was a certain someone who deserved that award far greater than they do: Rosalind Franklin. Without her, those two bastards wouldn’t make any progress at all — they had practically nothing. And what do they do? They cast her aside and hogged the limelight all to themselves.

Rosalind Franklin was responsible for this:

Photo 51

Photo 51 — the result of Rosalind’s painstaking work for God-knows-how-many-years (two, I think). Basically, it’s the x-ray crystollagraphy photo of DNA Form B (the wetter type; our type) which Rosalind developed through careful calibration and development of her x-ray machine. Photo 51 is the clearest photo of the DNA that was ever produced during that time.

What’s my point, you ask? Well, those two — along with one other jealous scientist whom we’ll hide by the name Maurice Wilkins — stole Photo 51. Sure ‘stole’ may be an exaggeration but it’s the only word I can think of. Through it, Watson and Crick were able to make a model without even pressing a single button or using a single test tube. Those three won the Nobel without performing a single experiment.

Just watch the documentary to get the whole idea. If I give your everything, this’ll be really long. And I believe this is already long as it is. The whole business was unjust and simply oozed of all the machismo shit prominent during that time. Seriously, it amazes me how even science has some corrupt proceedings of its own.


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One thought on “probably the greatest injustice our teachers hid from us.”

  1. you really didn’t know that watson and crick stole her information…. i learned that in like 5th grade… its kinda obvious.

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