the promised land.

Canaan crew

First thing’s first: this anime has no connection to the Bible whatsoever. Just because it’s entitled Canaan, doesn’t mean it’s all holy. Well, if your religion is the type which considers gunfights and biological weaponry experiments as divine rites then…just maybe.

Canaan is a synesthete. That is, she possess synesthesia, which I believe I mentioned in my Railgun post. Well, probably. To make things simpler, synesthesia is the ability to correlate one sense to another. For example, you see a certain color in relation to a certain feeling. It’s kind of like having perfect pitch. If you still don’t get it, consult Wiki. I suck at explaining things, I’m sorry.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Canaan is a synesthete who’s being hunted down by an organization called The Snakes. It turns out that the Snake’s leader, Alphard, is someone related to Canaan’s past. With all this Mafia-ish air, expect a lot of gunfights which’ll definitely bring you to the edge of your seats. Well, it worked for me. Tagging behind Canaan is Maria Osawa (oooh, sounds familiar eh?) — a victim of the same incident which gave Canaan her synesthetic abilities. Her main purpose in the show — apart from taking pictures, as she is a photographer — is to give Canaan trouble. Ha. Don’t tell me I’m mean because I’m not yet done. She’s also Canaan’s only friend and her light.

Canaan’s not a bad show at all. Liang Qi can get into your nerves, though, so watch out for her. The fight scenes are so fluid and well executed they’d keep you glued to your screen (or monitor, depending on where you’re watching). Watch it, watch it, watch it. It’s good. It’s exciting, it’s sad and by the end it lives up to its name — it gives you hope.

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