when alice sings.

Milla The Divine Comedy
Cover art for Milla Jovovich's album, The Divine Comedy

Hold it! (Oops. Too much Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth influence there.) Before you gasp and react violently at the bare breasts before you, care to read the caption first, okay? People get into so much trouble because they do not read. Anyway, as it says, it’s the cover of Milla’s album that was released in 1994 (quite a long time ago, it is.), The Divine Comedy. I bet Lightning wouldn’t be so stoked to know that.

Quite a surprise, isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that Milla sings. When I say ‘Milla’, I mean Ukranian-born actress-model-designer-artist Milla Jovovich. Yup, the very same gun-totting girl in Resident Evil who plays Alice. I loved her in Resident Evil as well as in Ultraviolet and I love her more now that I learned she composes her songs and sings. She even had a band called Plastic Has Memory.

Maybe it’s just me and my Jovovich bias but I liked the album. It’s quiet and light. It sounds very traditional what with all the flute and mandolins and fiddles. I think it’s the type of album you’d listen to during a tranquil sunny day in a grassy meadow. Or even in a glade.

(Thanks  to http://www.millaj.com/pics/tdc1.jpg for the photo. Please visit Milla’s website millaj.com for info and free mp3 downloads of her songs and demos.)


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