fair warning.

I have absolutely nothing against people who fervently practice their religion. On the contrary, I salute them, since it’s something I cannot do. However, if what you do starts to bother others, don’t you think that’s just plain inconsiderate? Where’s the ‘Love your neighbor’ here? If you plan to disturb your neighbors’ sleep with your early morning prayers and wailing, please do it somewhere else. I know you’re simply practicing your faith but…can’t you at least keep it down? People are trying to get some sleep. If you can’t even show a teeny bit of consideration for others around you, you should be ashamed of yourself. Let us sleep and we’ll let you do your thing in peace.

(My apologies to those who may have been offended. I just had to vent this one out. People value their sleep as you value your faith. I think it’s just proper etiquette (or common sense) that we be considerate of our neighbors.)


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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