being a bee.

Letter Bee
Isn't Gauche/Noir just hot?

Before delving into the world of Amberground, you must first know these terms lest you get lost and get your heart devoured by a gaichuu.

1. Letter Bee: fancy-schmancy term for a mailman. They work for the capital Akatsuki, delivering letters all over Amberground accompanied by their dingo.

2. Dingo: a Bee’s companion — an animal for most but as in Lag Seeing’s case, may also be a human of considerable strength.

3. Amberground: the country. Ha. It’s called Amberground because of all the spirit amber scattered all over the place. It’s where the whole series takes place.

4. Gaichuu: enormous insects that feed on heart. They attack Bees since they carry large amounts of heart — the letters. They can only be defeated by resounding ‘heart’ within them using a shindan.

5. Shindan: primary weapon of a Bee loaded with spirit amber. It’s a special gun that uses fragments of the Bee’s heart as ammunition.

6. Reverse: an anti-government organization formed to overthrow the government and their experiments on humans.

There, now I can begin. Letter Bee, or Tegami Bachi, is the story of Lag Seeing, a boy who was delivered as a letter by a Bee named Gauche Suede. During the course of their journey, they develop a strong bond which later on inspires Lag to become a Bee. However, when he did become one, he receives news that Gauche is missing. With his loyal friend and dingo, Niche, they journey through Amberground in search of Gauche — all while delivering hearts and battling gaichuu on the way.

In the second season, Letter Bee Reverse, it is unveiled that Gauche is still alive. However, he has turned over to the bad side — he is now Noir, a member of Reverse and a Marauder, one who steals letters.

After a gazillion years, I finally had the opportunity to watch Reverse. I watched the first season ages ago and I was really anxious for the sequel since the second season is a direct continuation of the first. And when I say ‘direct’, I do mean direct — it provides no explanation whatsoever of the first season. So if you have forgotten what happened during the first one, then good luck to you.

Lag Seeing hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still a crybaby and I love him for that. Being able to cry when you want and when you have to is a lovely thing. The second season didn’t disappoint but it didn’t do much for me either. I thought it lacked something of a bang (although Lag in his artificial sun mode did give me goosebumps). Or maybe it was just the continuous rain that dampened my senses. I like it how everyone in the series grew up, though. They’ve all matured, in some ways. And I missed Niche. She’s just the cutest dingo ever. The twist at the end was quite predictable but still, it was touching. I wish I knew why Lag’s mother is inside the artificial sun, though.

Letter Bee’s not that half-bad of show. Watch it if you have time. It’s worth seeing if you’re looking for something with a different concept. I mean, an anime about postmen? Now where else can you see that? And the animation’s just lovely. Ah, here’s a little something for you to ogle at, so you’d know what I mean.

Letter Bee
Lag Seeing and Niche plus Noir and his dingo, Roda

(Special thanks to and for delivering their hearts.)


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