hit me with a Railgun ’cause I’m all giddy.

This one's from their swimsuit-modeling stint episode. Aren't they cute?

Since I made a ‘review’ (please take note of the quotation marks) for Index, I thought I might as well make one for Railgun. This one didn’t disappoint me like Index did. Ha!

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is a spin-off to the Index anime. Also set in Academy City, it gives us Biri Biri — that’s Level 5 electric-user Misaka Mikoto for you — as the main protagonist. As you can see above, it has a lot of other characters and unlike in Index, the staff now knows what to do with them. Just in case you missed them, Touma and Index have some cameos in the show too.

I can’t write a synopsis for this one since it would require a really long explanation. Basically, there are two main conflicts that will happen in the story. The first one is somewhere mid-way and the other one is to be found by the end of the series. These two conflicts are connected so starting anywhere in between is futile. Animation is awesome and the battle scenes just give me goosebumps. I swear, I have never felt such excitement in a fight scene ever. Imagine Biri Biri’s Railgun against a mobile suit and you’d know what I mean.

Bottom line is, this is a great sci-fi anime. Lots of scientific stuff and awesome Abilities. It’s not always serious since there are episodes that are just completely bonkers. And also, the Touma x Misaka pairing still lives. Yes, it does. Watch it, okay? It’ll make you feel all giddy.

Words to watch out for: synesthesia and AIM Diffusion Field.

(As always, credits to http://animeblogz.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/To-Aru-Kagaku-no-Railgun-13-33-540×303.jpg for the wonderful photo.)


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