paramore minus two.

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The promotional thingy for Paramore’s new track, Monster, for the movie Transformers 3.

You failed me Hayley.  Although, yes, I was waiting for your next song, wanting to know how it would turn out now that Josh and Zac are gone. And here it is. Frankly, I am disappointed. With Josh and Zac gone, everything’s just different. I know you tried your best, and I am happy that you did. And I’m also happy that Jeremy and Taylor didn’t leave you. I miss Zac’s insane drumming. I miss Josh’s riffs. I miss it when Paramore was still the Paramore. But I still love you Hayley. It’s true, you failed me. But I still love you. I’m still hopeful that your next song would turn out better.

(Thanks to for the photo.)


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