the new crib.

Disclaimer: It’s just my dorm room, okay? Nothing fancy. I just wanted to use the word ‘crib’ for once in my life, Jesus. Just go with it, okay? Don’t start eye-rolling on me.

Anyway, since it’s the start of a new school year, let’s begin with the place I’m staying at now (since nothing’s really happening yet and dissing my dorm room would be the easiest option available. Ha!). I checked-in two days before school started. Well, technically, it was temporary since I had no idea that there’s this new system where you had to get this piece of paper in order to officially check-in to your dorm. So lugging my huge bag, a backpack, a pail and my mother, I stood in front of the guard in utter disbelief. Good thing the guard had enough sense to call our Resident Assistant to ask about what to do with lost children. In the end, she was kind enough to let me check-in temporarily until I settle that matter with the cursed piece of paper. (Do you now see how much trouble a piece of paper can bring into your life? Seriously.)

I was given a room in the second floor of the building and proceeded to take my luggage (including my mother) there. Upon opening the door (and I swear, that damned door was a struggle), I was greeted by darkness. The room  was dark enough to pass as Nakahara Sunako’s. My mother flipped on the switch and dust devils pounced on us. No, just kidding. But they might as well have, seeing how rundown the room looked. I mean, my room before already looked pitiful. And now, I have this.

The room had two beds — one bed had on something you could still pass as foam while the other one had something slightly thicker than a blanket. Of course, my practical mother chose the former. Beside the door are two closets and by the window is this humongous mirror.

I swear, this mirror’s so huge I get frightened with my own reflection. Add that to the fact that I’m not the type of person who looks in the mirror often and you’d probably get a…vague picture. Bottom line is, it’s huge and frightening. To complete the creepy atmosphere is the room’s perpetual darkness. Yes, it won’t be long and my eyes would turn into night-vision peepers. Since we are in the second floor, a thick cover of foliage blocks the light that should’ve been entering our room. Although on one hand, that’s fine since it’s cooler than normal.

Now that I think about it, our room’s like a cellar. Cold, dark, daft. Oh yes, how Cask of Amontillado-esque. Well, at least this cellar’s WiFi-ed.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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