as first days always were.

It is now midway of the first week of classes. Students everywhere resemble wandering souls as they look for the respective rooms for their classes. It always rains hard in the afternoon which shouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have an afternoon class. But it so happens that I do have afternoon classes. And so the rain never fails to spoil my jeans which I intended to wear for a million more times before having it sent to the laundry person-lady. Do you think it can’t get any worse? Of course it does.

I do not know if University professors have some sort of oath to not come to class during first days. If they have, I would immediately commence a thorough search of the university for the perpetrator of such a stupid action. During first days of classes in the University, events always go like this: you —  yes, you, the excited student who eagerly wakes up early in order not to be late — prance into your classroom, which is, of course, empty. Some other students trickle in and all of you would wait. Thirty minutes would pass and still no professor. Suddenly, there enters an elderly man/woman (or even a young one in some cases) who tells you that your professor would not come. Oh, you would be lucky if the said prophet comes to your class. Other professors don’t even have the sensitivity to send a sugo to inform us that he/she is not coming, such as what happened to me.

There. I have summarized my past two first-days. I come in early, I wait until my butt hurts and my eyes turn white and then I storm out of the classroom empty-handed and annoyed. And then, seemingly affected by my mood, the sky would darken, thunder would rumble and the rain starts to pour. Hard. I try to keep myself beneath my puny umbrella while raindrops pelt my pants, thus, ruining it and preventing me from wearing it again.

How about you? How were your first days?


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